About me

Aye, yes you guessed it. It is just another bleurgh of stuff n’ things that one person likes and wishes to shout about!

How very indulgent of me, I hear you cry!

I am a keen explorer and scavenger of Second Life and busy myself organising events and building sims. Over this past year I have been exorcising my creative demons in many ways, including co-organising Indie Teepee Festival of Music, Arts and Shopping back in July and co-writing online magazine Sploof. I am also part of a motley crew who are building Dystopia, a waterlogged post apocalyptic sim open to the public. Amongst all this fun I developed a huge passion for picture taking and so decided to start blogging in order to enable me to give public Hi5’s to designers and Sim creators who genuinely deserve all the praise for making such incredible and awe-inspiring things.

I am a procurer of the weird, wonky and wonderful and an avatar of many sides. So I hope you find some little drops of joy in amongst this random bunch of stuff that I happen to love and snap pics of.

Much obliged,



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