Daytime Disco.

Sometimes there are things that just make you swoooooon.  A massive ‘unf’ factor for Sabotage and their constant unf they give me. I love designers who do something unique and up the game of street wear and urban fashion like Titzuki (now Fakeicon), Boys to the Bone, and of course Sabotage, who keep it perfectly one step to the left and up a bit. It is all too easy sometimes to know that keeping things simple might mean they sell more  at events, but I lust over designers who keep a strong sense of originality. Straddling the high fashion highway but maintaining it all within a little gromits, like me’s, reach.

BRA-fawking-OH. I will try to share my list of the designers I adore for this streak of genius and authenticity. It’s getting bigger and I will always endeavour to blog it, and try super hard to do the pieces justice – altho that truly is hard with this level of craftsmanship. They need to be seen and worn to be appreciated tbh.

Please hit me up if you have any you particularly adorethat don’t get the exposure they deserve. Mens and womens designers. Message: mollywollidoodle inworld.

Here endeth the jizz.

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What I’m wearing:

Bodysuit ..S.. Treme Bodysuit – Black –NEW! @ N21

Harness..S.. Treme Rope-Suit – NEW! @ N21

(Shirt comes in 7 Tones to choose from, Also Includes the Rope Body Harness That comes with a HUD to change the color of the harness.

Treme Joggers comes in 5 different tones, HUD controled to add or Remove Fish Net Part of the joggers.)

TattooSpeakeasy – Divine Tattoo NEW! @ Applique


HairExile – Hot

Advert for..S.. Treme Bodysuit – Black –NEW! @ N21


Advert forSpeakeasy – Divine Tattoo NEW! @ Appliquespeakeasy-divine-tattoo

Advert for  [VALE KOER] RIBBON PLATFORMS NEW!KUSTOM9 32877854696_303dcfa263_z


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