I was Born to Jump & Run



I feel supremely blessed and lucky to blog for designers that I truly get excited about, but with this new year the excitement levels have ramped up a notch in the TITZUKI camp. Titzuki has always been one of my favourites for unique, sharp and zingy streetwear, and this last few months Benedikt (Mr Larsson aka Mr Titzuki!) has taken the brand thru a glamorous phase, with fur jackets, bejeweled masks and other wonders that basically made me feel like I was dripping in luxurious gorgeousness.. but now. . . he is rebranding to FAKEICON and with it is going to push the urban streetwear style which is just as beautifully textured and unique as all Titzuki has put out before, and also good for a little scruff munchkin like me to scrat about in! So I popped on the first release under FAKEICON in this glorious Helix Anorak and went splashing about at One Caress.

One thing he does so fawkin’ well is his HUDs. If you haven’t bought a fatpack of his items DO IT! I URGE YOU! This anorak is a key example of how many choices come with the HUD (ther is even a second page! wth?!). I got so very trigger happy and inspired playing with all the labels, metal colours, linings patterns, trim, one arm yellow, heck why not another green?! There is so much room to be truly original and like all his ware’s there are boys and girls versions. ❤

So hop on down to The Men’s Dept, (where it is 25% off) and search out FAKEICON and see what the new wave of Titzuki can be for you.


Anorak – FAKEICON  – helix anorak  NEW! Available at TMD NOW!

Glasses – [Since1975] Sunglasses & Strap (pink) NEW! 

Boots DECO – MESH Trench Boots small (black)

Hair[KoKoLoReS] – Cherry Blossom

Taken at One Caress. 




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