Being’s Believin’.


I am FLASHDANCE! I have the rhythm in me! Whoop! Pirouettes and leaps and splats! Pow!

. . . and for this I make no apologies! I even scoured the interwebs tryin’ to find a decent cover of the iconic Irene Cara song What A Fellin’ but can you believe I didn’t find one I liked?! I have now added it to my set list for when I get back to singing as someone needs to adapt that tune! It’s ripe for an acoustic cover!

Let’s say a mega welcome to Soy. to my blog pages. If you don’t know of Soy I suggest you go take a long look at their store (LM here) and flickr feed (here) as they have the most awesome and detailed decoration bits and the most unique builds that we have used around Dystopia for a while now. This piece they have made for the super fit round of Collbor88 is just stunning. A dance studio, 2 versions one with and one without mirrored effect (which is not as simple as you might think it should be to pull off in SL.)


StudioSOY – The Studio NEW! @ Collabor88

What I’m wearing: 

TattooSpeakeasy – Royalty NEW! @ Project Seven

HairTableau Vivant – Southerly Wind editorial

Leotard – Vixen

Leg Warmers Monso  – Leg Warmer Colour Pack 2

Pose::SNS:: – Flashdance

Advert for Soy. StudioScreen Shot 2017-01-10 at 21.36.52.png


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