The Best Revenge is to Live Well.


“As many of you know I do not share personal things on public forums usually, but at the end of last week I had my RL threatened to be exposed for the 4th time, but this time my family was brought into the picture. I will NOT tolerate anyone making these threats any longer. And the tipping point this time is my family. So, as scary as this is for me to do, this is me disarming the bullies. I am NOT a threat to anyone, I am certainly NOT dangerous, (I wear RL unicorn onesies ffs!) I do not EVER intend to upset anyone, and I am someone that would NEVER in a million years divulge information I am given in confidence, no matter how far I am pushed.

I come to SL to have happy times, to be creative and to play. And so I hope from this day I can do so without the overwhelming anxiety that has built up since I was first threatened over a year ago. I am sorry to have to make this public, truly you have no idea how much it pains me to do so, but this is the only way I could think of, to stand up for myself against this intimidation by publicly saying “your threats are redundant. My family are aware of you. I am not scared for I have nothing to hide.”

On Saturday I was ready to leave Molly avi, but I realise that this particular person has made that happen to others before me, and Molly is all of me and makes me happy. I have wonderful friends, and I have created fantastical things which broke my heart to think of leaving behind. And so instead of running scared I am trying to stand as tall as possible by doing this today.”

Initially I posted on Facebook exactly what I have written here, and included a RL pic of me and my name, which this person knows would kill me to do, as I am very camera shy and have a job in the public domain. But I was completely overwhelmed by the responses from people I knew well, and even those I did not. I was not posting it to form an army, or for comments, but to show the intimidators I have nothing to hide, and am not scared any longer. But the comments turned the most scary thing I had done in to the most wonderful group hug ever. I was consoled but also so saddened to receive many messages of people having been in the exact same situation, of being too scared, like me, to talk bout it. Of getting sick due to the stress, and of feeling that they couldn’t step up and say something because they have been mentally beaten by the intimidator. “Stop playing the victim” rings in my ears, and being a victim is something I never wanted to admit, for it was me that let them in in the first place for which I take responsibility for, and calling myself a ‘victim’ makes me feel weak… But ya know what? I was a victim and have been for a while now, living in fear of this person, not going to places I used to go, isolating myself from friends, suffering with ever increasing anxiety and finding it hard to trust again. Sadly, I am not the only one they have hurt, and so any tremors that they feel could be from a number of places, but I can safely say… has never been from me. I am more than happy to let Karma work its course. It always does in the end. Sadly for all those that have been in this position, you can’t battle a psychopath. But rest assured, the truth will out eventually. It always does. It is only ever a matter of time. In the mean time, do not feel trapped or alone. Talk to a friend and tell them how you feel. Get some perspective on it to know if you are mad or actually just been made to feel that way. Hold your head high and just quietly get on with being happy.

The best revenge is to live well. 🙂

I am a fool to have thought I could trust like I did. But my lesson is learnt. So here it is… all laid out. Pow! Done! *whew*

Please excuse me for the disruption, and the airing of personal laundry, but on here I know they will see it and get the message clearly.

Normal service will be resumed imminently. *gulps and wipes the last of her snot away*

Thank you and sorry to impose an extra dose of bollox on ya this day of all days. x

I was recommended to sing and dance loudly to this tune, with ma fingers high in the air to anyone that makes me feel like this.

I encourage anyone who has been in this situation to do the same.

Might I also recommend it as a 3 minute respite from the worries of my dear American friends who have found this past 24hours to be terrifying too x


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