It’s Sunday night… The lawds holy day… and then the phone rings. It’s Flit. She tells me to get over the strip club as sh*t is kicking off, some shifty squad from fuk-knows-where is on the prowl and the Slum Lawd is nowhere to be seen. She tells me she’s got her boots that ‘mean business’ on… I go. And the rest… well the rest was sacrilege, so you say. But we make the rules, let that be known. This is our hood and we be the God’s of our own destiny here in Dystopia. We fight to live, we fight to breathe. In 2033 when you live hand to mouth and the stocks for the Secret Burgers are running low… a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do.

And so it was done.

What I’m wearing:

Pose – Bad Habit –.Infiniti. – NEW! available at Romp

FingersWednesday[+] ~ Krueger Fingers Red Maitreya RARE NEW! available @ The Epiphany

Mask*katat0nik* & Clemmm (Beasty) Gas Mask RARE

Blood Splatters[flit ink] – Malice appliers

Hair.Entwined. Zoe NEW! available @ Shiny Shabby 

Undieserratic   scarlett – bra / black (maitreya)

GarterBlow-Up – Kinky Garter – Left


What Flit’s wearing:

Cash in Hand * S O R G O – Folded Stack 100e

Arm Straps*katat0nik* (LT) Arm Straps

Necklace::GB:: Slave chain necklace (Rig) / Black – Gold

Gun:BAMSE: Personal Cannon – Gardener

MaskAddams – Bad Bunny Mask – #051

CorsetFoxes – Dead Cute – Corset Cutout Hudded RARE @ NEW! Available @ The Epiphany 

Cuffs [ kunst ] – Bullets cuff / L {F}

Necklace [ kunst ] – Phoenix Tag necklace (F)

Hair – [INK] Hair___VAIO ::Platinum/White


Arm [NeurolaB Inc.] EV3 ANDROID Hand /arm

Ears – ^^Swallow^^ Rox Ears

In the scene:

Bags of cash – HX: – Black Cash Duffle Bag

Blood[n.i] – splish.splashes

Diamonds* SORGO – Diamon Bag

Lingos* SORGO – Lingos

Bottle of booze[ kunst ] – Tradition bourbon bottle / dispenser

Wads of Cash[NikotiN] Dealer Kitchen – Money Bundle Clean

Assasin Kit :BAMSE: Silent Assassin

–> See Flits perspective here <–

Hear ma mind – Yeah Yeah Yeahs ~ Sacrilege


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