Nothing to See Here.

We hear the crackle of walkie talkies filling the silent night with whisperings of what they think we do.

We see the debris of fallen cigarette butts and cans strew that we did not put there. We know our mess and this one wasn’t ours.

We notice… and altho we thought we were alone in our beloved, abandoned Dystopia, we know now that we ain’t. The faceless monsters in the shadows, watching, forever watching our movements, writing it down in for all to read. And so we pluck out the eyes that we feel burning down on us one by one.

Without sound we take em out.. one by one.. silent assassins of the judgmental eyes we find ourselves subjected to. 


Nothing to see here.

Move on. 



What I’m wearing:

Balaclave & Hair – Beusy: Chaos Mesh Hair (Naturals) NEW! at Hairology

Shirt – titzuki : superhuman top / error B / female – NEW! at Comic Con 

Shoes – [VALE KOER] Tippytoe Chucks Maitreya

Trousers – KITJA – Naomi Pants BLACK (Maitreya Lara)

In the scene:

Pose Del May – Scale the Fence

Spray Can[flit ink] Graffiti Spray Cans Post Apocalyptic Eddition

Sign7 Emporium – We Are Watching Sign

Camera7 Emporium – CCTV Camera

camera finish


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