Now it takes a lot for me to change ma face! But who wouldn’t when there are skins like this!

About a year after I joined SL (yes, I am a virtual noob in comparison to all you seasoned pros! shhhhhh! Don’t tell no one! hehe) I stumbled upon Essences skin store and fell in love. I have worn Imogen (my skin in 90% of the pictures I have taken so far; example of one is here) since the days of system head Molly! In fact my whole choice of which mesh head to choose, when I first took the meshy plunge,  was based entirely on which applier was available for that particular skin! Sad but true! This how much I loved the Imogen skin! So when an opening appeared to join the Essences blogger crew I decided that for them I would happily change ma face a million times if it meant I get to showcase their skins! So do not be alarmed! This is still me underneath this Lelutka head.. if you come close enough you can still smell a faint waft the unicorn farts! Hehe!

So ladies and germs… meet Arwen the newest addition to the Essences family. With a lighter brow than I am used to, surprisingly she made me fall involve with this different mesh head. I am wearing Lelutka Simone for this shot. And as you can see this skin fits her perfectly. Arwen will transfer to any of the Lelutka range of heads with no lip smearing as sometimes happens.

Here is the LM for Essences MainStore ~ go and have a looks.. i promise you will find something you lurrrve.

Also in this shot is the .Infiniti. Small Spaces Cage prop. This one Brandu has made specifically for the Romp ~ The Elegant Kink event which runs from now till 29th July.


Dacha Key for Essences Arwen skin available NOW @ Kustom 9 (click for TP)Essences - Arwen Chart.png


Skin ~ Essences ~ Arwen ~ Rare (Medium01) for Lelutka NEW! available at Kustom 9  from NOW until 30th July! So hurry hurry!

Pose & Cage ~ . Infiniti . – Small Spaces – Cage Prop NEW! @ Romp! (Elegant Kink event from now till 29th July!)

Head ~ Lelutka ~ Simone

Cigarette ~ [NikotiN] ~ Classic Cigarette – Nextgen (Mouth)

Tattoo ~ Bolson ~ Kojima

Hair.Shi  ~ Bob Knot


Details of the . Infiniti . – Small Spaces – Cage Prop NEW! @ Romp! (Click for TP)Infiniti. - Small Spaces - Cage Prop - Details







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