I wish I could remember what happened last night… my head is foggy, there’s a distinct smell of rubber on ma skin and a general stench of WTF and OMG. Last night Flit introduced me to her new friends who have been keeping her company whilst I have been away with Indie Teepee festival. I guess they must have been super accommodating and friendly… like.. real friendly… Flits and I have woken with hazy heads and deflated buddies. Methinks this will be one of them nights that I slowly recollect  in bits n pieces for years to come 😮

So let me divert ma mind for a moment to welcome and say a big fat thank you to ma two new shiny sponsors. This post is focusing on Seven Emporium who is the main sign writer in all of SL. You want signs and novelty objects with the cutest of animations? Then you go to Seven Emporium. At Dystopia we have a ton of stable cigarette machines, record players, juke boxes and all the signage mostly from the incredible Aguskov at Seven.

It has long been one of my favourite haunts for poking about and seeing what bit of vintage and retro classic items he has made. So I feel utterly blessed to be one of their team.

In this shot (and lawd close ya eyes! Flit & her new pals led me astray! :o) I feature some of Seven Emporiums previous releases that are all available in his store right now.

Its with super excitement that Seven will be moving to a brand spanking new premises in the very near future so be sure to come along and have a poke about in the custom building the clever Aguskov is making to house all his awesome goods. EYES PEELED for the new Landmark which I will post and wear on ma forehead as soon as the finishing touches have been popped in place.

All the props n’ poses in our scene:

Drinks Vendor  (Close-up in next post) – Seven Emporium – Pop Machine (animated) NEW! @ The Crossroads

Pose*La Jolie Rose * – Bouding NEW! @ Indie Teepee

ClockSeven Emporium – Broken Clock

SignSeven Emporium – Super Sign

BoomboxSeven Emporium – Turntable Boombox TT-X9-1000

SignSeven Emporium – Sinners

BedNOMAD – Retrowave Bed – RARE


Molly’s wearing:

Skin (Close-up to come)–  Essences  [CorrieM01] RARE #11 for Catwa Dayna- NEW! @The Liaison Collaborative 

TattooBolson – Kojima

Bodysuiterratic – skye – bodysuit / black (maitreya)

HairBeusy –  Quaint Mesh Hair (w/Bangs) (Naturals)

Lip smudge*ScS* – Smeared Lipstick


What Flit’s wearing:

Bikinierratic – justine – bikini / noir (maitreya)

Watch [ kunst ] – Navigator watch


All our inflatable friends!*katat0nik* – Pool Toys

Flit’s perspective here!

and let me ruin a well known Beatles song for you here! The lyrics will never be heard the same again!memories.jpg


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