Dandelions & Chocolate.

All the time I waited here for you
All the time I stood here holding dandelions and chocolate for you.
Tumbleweeds and fireworks go by
It’s hard to keep them still for you to see..
But you know that I try.
I want to see you watching what I see now that you’re mine.
Through your eyes…

All the time I tried to tell you, dear.
Birds are singing simple songs for you and me now that you are here.
Motorcars and bumblebees go by
They’re sometimes hard to quieten down so you can hear..
But you know that I try.
I want to see you hear the things I do now that you’re mine,
A very pretty sight through my eyes.
I’ll always be waiting here for you.
I will always stand here holding dandelions and chocolate for you.
I want to see you watching what I see now that you’re mine..
The cloud that keeps on changing till the end of time.
With you here these pretty things keep appearing in my mind.
Through your eyes…

So I been a little sick n things, and I was having the worst brain blurrrs, you know how it gets all hazey and fuzzy and downright useless? My creativity had melted out ma ear…  And then… POW! this week! It all came back! Hallelujah! It is to do with the people you are surrounded by. I am so very fortunate to have the most exceptionally talented bunch of friends, they literally blow me away with the ideas, the sentiment and fun they have making them come to life. So on this note… let me introduce you to Noah! He is a bit splendid at in pixels and at pics.. you can see HERE. Ain’t he a keeper?! Welcome to the Brady Bunch Noah! He and I were stuck in the middle of an inspirationless sea so clung on to each others brains and then we got this! Heres to more collabs with this clever soul! Thank you so very muchly Noah! ❤

Pewpew! Birds and Cages at Shiny Shabbybirdcage pewpew.jpg

Birdcage Pewpew! Sparrow Cage Rusty NEW! @ Shiny Shabby
Birds Pewpew! sparrows blue/red/yellow/green/pink – NEW! @ Shiny Shabby
Closet –  Pewpew! – Hideout Set
Gazelles+Half-Deer+ Thomson’s Gazelle’s
Love Sign Seven Emporium – Love Box Sign
Weasels HPMD – Weasel in Tree & Animated – cream & khaki


Molly is wearing:
Hair – .Shi : Bob Knot
PantiesBaiastice – Kristine-panties-Charcoal
Tattoo Bolson – Kojima Pose – RK Poses. – In your eyes


chris closet

Hear what I see. 


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