Stupid Girl.

but first… Let me take a selfie….

Never a more inappropriate time for a snap of oneself than when you are about to go up in flames after smashing bonnet first into an oil tanker.. but hey… Do I look hawt or what?!

This week I was lucky enough to be taken under the blogging wing of GUTCHI, which is an awesome accessories and footwear designer (currently can be found on MarketPlace)

Thank you to ma wee buddy Jinx for pushing me in the direction of Pink’s Stupid Girls song to inspire this shot.

Now, with this, so be gone ma blonde locks and I will embrace the ginger. No more ditzy peroxide moments for me!!


Skirt!APHORISM! Jas Leather Skirt – Maitreya

Vest Top – [TSC] Beater Tank – FU

HairMoon. Hair. – Tin Foiled II NEW! at N21

Glasses – GUTCHI – Wing Glasses

Phone – GUTCHI – GPhone

Cap – GUTCHI – S.T.R.T Snapback

Ring – GUTCHI – Winged Ring

Necklace – [7891.] Dope Necklace – Camo&Gold

Smokes[NikotiN] Classic Cigarette – Nextgen (Mouth)

Pose*CS* – Selfie in my car

BackPack in car GUTCHI – GStyle BackPack

Flying Glass{anc} – broken glass

Taken just outside [flit ink] @ Dystopia

stupid girl


Find GUTCHI here on Facebook 

Or have a peek at GUTCH on Flickr




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