Floating Footlong’s.

It was Dystopia’s 1st Birthday at the weekend and wow what a shindig we did have. You know the post-party munchies…? Yeh, I got em in abundance, and since the tsunami came the other week I hadn’t ventured down to the now submerged Diner… What a soggy state of affairs that is.

The footlong’s were floating, the burgers were bobbing, so like some ravenous ninja I just went on down and swallowed aka inhaled them all up. Waste not, want not as they say 🙂


What I’m wearing:

Hair*ARGRACE* UREI – Platinum

TopGATO Cereal Top M

SkirtGATO Apple Skirt XS-S

Glasses(Yummy) Breakfast for One 1

SkinEssences – Nurain for Catwa head

Tattoo Bolson – Kojima

Earrings – Hi Calo – Burgers *sadly no longer available 😥

Bag [n.i]  – fashion.hungry.cheese

PoseNais & Nerdosaurus – Delphine 02



Burger (floating) – [LJ]  – Tasty Eats – Extra – Big Mouth Burger

Fries (floating) – [LJ] – Tasty Eats – Fry Cups Food Giver

Hot Dog (floating) – [LJ] – Tasty Eats – Extra – Hot Dog

Diner and plates of food (floating) – Urban Jungle

Taken in Dystopia Diner *Beware the toilet… it floods*

food flood.jpg


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