Fresh from the Fight.

“Toughen up, Buttercup” Words have never been truer spoken. I’m ready to take ’em all on.

Come at me with all ya got bishes!

*jabs the air as the rocky theme tune pounds thru her head*

Something has got ahold of all our inner fighters it seems. So many boxing posts have been springing up and so I add to the melee!! It’s just another perfect excuse to don the Vale Koer bikini and sweat it out, and me oh my it is now stinky and in need of a good wash.

Tune: Eye of the Tiger – Survivor.


Bikini top and Bottoms [VALE KOER] – Essential Bikini and Bra.

HairTruth Hair – Verity NEW!

GlovesNana – My Tape Black Gloves

Bandaged FingersClemmm

Nose BleedClemmm – Group gift

Sweat*girlfriend* – Your body Sweat

Tattoo Bolson – Frahm

Boxing Gloves[Since1975] – Boxing Gloves NEW! @ Gacha Garden.

box fin 2.jpg


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