The Mystery Woman.

“On the morning of Monday 9th May at 2.33am, officers were called to a disturbance at the Bank of Dystopia. One caucasian female in her late 20’s, early 30’s  was spotted looting in the Dystopia bank vaults. She was armed and dangerous. The motive is yet unknown, this seems more than a typical robbery. The heist had been meticulously planned as a tunnel had been dug all the way from the subway and sewerage system under the city and explosives had been detonated to penetrate the surface thru the Bank Vault floor. It is not yet known if she had an accomplice. Footprints near the body intimate that there was indeed one other at the scene but the whereabouts, involvement or identity of this person is as yet unknown. The female was detained but after a stand off with police the swat team were sent in via the roof and she was gunned down before she was able to leave the premises. Anyone with information appertaining to this female please inform a police officer.”

What is in the picture:

Bag o’ cash – HXNOR: Black Cash Duffle Bag NEW! @ TMD

Blood splatters – [n.i] splish.splash NEW! @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival

Blood Splatter on skin  []– Malice Tattoo Maitreya Appliers.

Gun – :BAMSE: Silent Assassin (GUN)

Hair – Besom~ Ruby Said

Jumpsuit – Addams  – Belen JumpSuit w/ Chain Belt

Shoes – REIGN.– Gemma Booties (Maitreya)- Black

Cuffs – [CX] Stray’s Cuffs Wrist L (Gold)

Gloves – **RE** Bad-Kitty Gloves L&R

Mask (on tummy) – **Dusty Hut** Mask of Bob (up)

Shoes boxes of Cash – * SORGO – Boxed Euros RARE

Pose  – .Infiniti. Victim Gacha

Taken in the Vault @ Dystopia. 



Key for the Splish Splash Gacha from Nefarious.Inventions @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival. 26796423031_fc8a3ab50e_o


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