She Skips across the Surface.

Whisked away on whimsey with this post. A huge welcome and whoop whoop to .Infiniti.Poses who have kindly asked me to blog for them.

The Fantasy Gacha Carnival opened yesterday and it is choca-block of exquisite treats. Showcasing here the Nefarious.Inventions Splish Splash gacha and the .Infiniti. Blown Away pose gacha.

As many of you know I live in a watery post apocalyptic world called Dystopia, which has been flooded out since the day we moved in. So for me the Nefarious.Inventions team have made something invaluable… Splish Splashes. In this and the following post tomorrow you can see how easily adapted they are to the whimsy and the gruesome. Each item is a carefully moulded liquid shape that can be changed from water, to oil to…. blood! (look out for tomorrows post where I get gory :P) They are resizable too and so you can literally be drowning in your liquid of choice!

Also showcased here is one of the glorious poses from the Blown Away gacha from .Infiniti. and they truly are stunning. Unlike a lot of Brandi’s work these poses are not animated by the props themselves, but instead  she has cleverly included all different attachments of feathers for each pose, so you can add as many or as few as you choose. Be warned.. they might tickle! Hehe!

I hope you enjoy the Carnival, as this round is truly inspiring for picture takers like myself.

Soggy hugs to all and sundry,

Mol x


In this scene:

Splashes Nefarious.Inventions – Splish Splash Gacha NEW! @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival

Pose.Infiniti. Blwn Away No. 12 NEW! @Fantasy Gacha Carnival

Feathers .Infiniti. – Blown Away Pose 12 Gacha NEW! @Fantasy Gacha Carnival

Bodysuit Stories&Co. by Flowey / Sue Bodysuit – Fatpack [Maitreya]

Birds Zibska – Xiang ~ The Birrrrds

BlindfoldZibska – Xiang ~ Blindfold ~ Smoke

HairTableau Vivant – Editorial \ Western wind


The Gacha keys for Nefarious. Inventions Splish Splash and .Infinity. Poses Blown Away Gacha both available at the Fantasy Gacha Carnival!

Tune – BØRNS – 10,000 Emerald Pools




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