Who’s feelin’ peckish?! Me! Me! Me! If you weren’t you sure as hell must be now I have whetted your saliva glands with this arrays of munch worthy fodder! Introducing my newest sponsor (and eee by gum I feel lucky to be asked to blog for them) The wonderful  Nefarious Inventions! I have procured many an item from their collections in the past and having been to The Gacha Garden already and spent a small fortune on their awesome Fashion Hungry gacha I then was asked to blog these tasty and yet functional treats! For a lil’ nibbler such as myself they are the perfect accessory and so I went all out and had me a heap of fun with this pic! Now I’m off to devour al the food in the fridge! Ommn nommm x

Bags (donut worn & fries & pizza on handle bars) –  [n.i.]NEW! Fashion Hungry Bags Gacha Garden 

Balloon[Since1975] – SuperBalloons (EmojiBlush) NEW! Gacha Garden

Hair – Doe – Vicky Essentials (Rare) NEW! @ Gacha Garden

Burger (in hand) – Lost Junction – Tasty Eats Big Mouth Burger NEW! @ Gacha Garden

TopCameo 6ixx – Oversized Hotdog Cropped Sweatshirt NEW! @ Tres Chic

SkirtCameo 6ixx – Mara Suspender Skirt NEW! @ Tres Chic

PoseImage Essentials Studios & Poses – Evolution 9 RARE  NEW! @ Black Fashion Faire

Glasses(Yummy) – Breakfast for One

Taken at Dystopia.

The Fashion Hungry Gacha Key for Gacha Garden!


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