Spring Burst.

In my corner of the world, Spring is sprung. The pops of colour as the bluebells burst up thru the woodland floor, the sprigs of fresh green leaves peaking out of the long naked winter forlorned tree branches, and the daffodils bowing their yellow heads and making way for the lushness of the coming season.

It’s refreshing, hopeful, cleansing and exciting. Make way for blooms of flowers in abundance.

And what better way to celebrate it than with a stunning collaboration from NAMINOKE and ROQUAI for the Fantasy Fair 2016.
This is truly a stunning collection from both designers. The delicacy of the petal outfits from Taiko McCaw of Naminoke, which come in both boys and girl fits, are quite literally the perfect accompaniment to Roquai’s truly delicate poses.

Here are just a couple of snaps of 2 different poses with the Sakura Petal outfit and I will undoubtedly post many more from this collection as it is one I will relish for a long time to come.

Fantasy Fair 2016 – April 21st – May 1st
What I’m wearing:

Petal Dress & Wings -“*N*(GIRL) – Sakura Petal” by *NAMINOKE*

Hair – Tableau Vivant – Editorial Upside Down hair

Poses by ROQUAI
􀀇 􀀈





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