Creatures of The Night.

As she sits in the desolate darkness, hushed and hunched so as not to be noticed by human ears or eyes, the Petit Fille sniffs the air and scratches the soil, and then, from the murky shadows they come. They come with silent footsteps. Her companions. Her compatriots of the midnight hour. Her friends.

What I’m wearing:

HairTruth – Kera NEW! @ Epiphany

Sparkles – gift from Cole Marie – Cole’s Corner

EyepatchSoy. – Eyepatch

Body and Head – DollCoco

Molly Necklace – Gift made by a very clever friend ❤

Mouse .{PSYCHO:Byts}.– Trapped Mouse Animated

PoseApple Spice – Heartbroken

Dead Molly horse, Cats and Rabbit all from Fawny, Pet Cemetery Gacha. Thank you to Jinx Shipman for giving me some fraaands 🙂

Shot at Dystopia


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