Come Back With A Warrant.


Soakin’ up the spring sunshine, listening to Oobleck wittering thru the words of Hank Williams III, Crazed Country Rebel. 

‘Shut that racket off will ya?!” – I bark from the trailer. I can hear the screeching of wheels under the twang of the country chords and the lil’ pup starts squeakin’.

Oobs doesn’t hear.

I throw an empty beer can at him, he jolts his eyes open, shuts off the radio and without a word we both resume our waiting positions, as we done so many times before, both watching as the truck in the distance continues to chug closer down the dusty dirt track to our claimed lil’ patch of land.

Rifle by his hand…

My mouth full of verbal expletives, fit to burst…

We’re ready. As alaways. We are always ready for unwelcome visitors.

What I’m wearing:

ShirtNylon Outfitters -Button Down Dress NEW! @ Collabor88 

Hair.ploom. – Recyle

Tattoo .Inhale. – Dear Insanity

Cigarette[Nikotin] – Cigarette

Dog { birdy. } – Lil Bull BB – Spiked, Brown.

Pose { Portrait } – Mini pack – Smoking 3

What Oobleck is wearing:

BootsDeadwool – Patmos Black

ShortsDeco – Islander Shorts

Tattoo –  JT  Tattoo – Military

HairRaw House – Urban Savage 2

PoseWhat Next – Pre loved Lawn Chair animation

Check out Oobs pics on Flickr here!

Set @ Dystopia Trailer Park:

Trailer [Contraption] – Open Road Collection Trailer

Plant drawersNefarious.Inventions

Planted ToiletNefarious.Inventions – 

ChairWhat Next – Pre loved Lawn Chair

Cooler[Contraption] – Open Road Collection

Ashtray iDeza – Ashtray

“On an overdose of drugs, overdose of sin

I’m gonna live it to the fullest like I’m on ten

and I love gettin’ high – hate bein’ low

and I like to drive my truck down a muddy dirt road

and I’m workin’ real hard, tryin’ to get paid

’cause I’m a crazed country rebel and I’m driftin’ state to state”


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