Wurk it Out!

In the words of Arnold Schwartznegger ‘I live for the pump’ (those of a prudish or sensitive disposition do not click, for this is something you will NEVER be able to unseen – Pumping Iron)

Over at the rehabilitation centre at Dystopia Chris and I got our sweat on whilst listening to the Rocky theme tune and any other 80’s power ballads to get us in the zone. Of course sometimes you have to just stop and take a little breather… or swig of the power juice. In my case a tasty slug on a bottle of toddy for the body!

Be sure to clickety click on Chris’ Flikr  and his splendid Blog for boys The Black Click.

What I am wearing:

Undies[VALE KOER] – Essential Underwear NEW @ Uber

Shoes [VALE KOER] – Tiptoe Chucks NEW @ Uber

HairTRUTH HAIR – Bronwyn

Tattoo.Inhale. – Dear Insanity

PoseEmination – Confidence


What Chris is wearing:

Shorts[VALE KOER] – Hypebeast Shorts Black

Bracelets7mad;Ravens – Prime Cuffs (Metal Plate)

Shoes[VALE KOER] High Cardinal Allday

Vest – [CX] – Leisure Tanktop (Black) NEW @ K9

TattooLetis Tattoo – :: Dictum Factum :: NEW @MOM

HairModulus – Sai Hair



Post-it notes – Pewpew! Happy Day – Post it Wall – NEW @ TLC

Bench PressPILOT & Exposeur – Weight Bench

Brown Leather Benchjunk. – pommel horse bench. pg.

Molly’s bottle[ kunst ] – Vodka baby bottle (wear) RARE

WeightsPILOT & Exposer  – Large Floor Dumbbell

Skipping RopeSari-Sari – Skipping (part of pose set)

Mollys Cigarette[Nikotin] – Cigarette


This pic (featured image) was taken by Chris Morrisey – Follow him on Flickr here!


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