Dame Chance.

Bonjour tout le monde. Welcome et Bienvenue to the Speakeasy here at Dystopia. 

Hidden away in that vault of the bank is a hazy little nook for the murky time of night, when the gamblers and their fist full of grubby money come out to play and the Jazz kooks come and click their fingers, bob their heads and smoke till the ambience fills the room to welcome some sultry lady on the mic. We welcome you to find it, a dry spot above the waterlogged streets, somewhere to get cozy and dry for an hour or two.



Pose by {NANTRA} Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy

Lady Luck SignSeven Emporium Lady Luck

Stage – Reverie. – For Indie teepee 2015

Prosthetic Leg – *Tentacio* – RARE Prosthetic Leg, Arcade March 2016

Dress – ::drbc::Boogie Woogie Bettie

Hat – MadPea – Cadet Hat 

Water Taxi to Carnage City @ Dystopia


Come and seek out the Speakeasy. A we gathering is brewing.

Bring Vodka and Cheese.



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