The Prim.

Ladies and Germs, Let me introduce you to what you have ALWAYS wanted.

The Prim! (now available to buy on MP)

IMG_7110.JPGFor all the things we have in our inventory that we have decided we ‘need’ let me pop a game changer in there. The Prim.

The Prim is a vintage classic. It comes in varying forms and I was lucky enough to be gifted this one by a dear friend to cheer me on a rainy day, and eee-by-gum it worked! I opened up my received items and rezzed The Prim. Its classic vintage nature was something rather comforting and truly something to behold. The sharp edges and flat surfaces makes The Prim a highly versatile addition to any space. Whether you need a coffee table, somewhere to display your wrestling trophies, some where to sit on or merely as a piece of vintage memorabilia, The Prim fulfils all these needs. As you can see here I have used it to make me look sexy and sophisticated, it does the job perfectly, whilst humbly not upstaging and just ‘being there’

The creator Iconical has been clever enough to have a demo version available as well as colour versions, multi packs and so forth. There is a Prim for all occasions, to go with any outfit, to spice up your SLife and at 50L I think it is reasonable priced for such a piece of history and, let’s face it, a splendid conversation piece. Long live The Prim!

To be the lucky owner of this sophisticated piece and other wonders from Iconical click –


What I’m wearing:

Undies, Boots & Unicorn mask.Enfant Terrible. (Vintage Romance) @ The Arcade March 2016

HairTableau Vivant – Editorial Upside Down

Tattoo.Inhale. – Dear Insanity

PoseLove Me Brutal – Pepper


The Prim – Iconical


Tune for Prim shenanigans – Little Boxes.



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