Ima F*kin’ Unicorn.

When Second Life slips into Reality. It’s a dream realised. Surrounded by glitter and rainbows and happy!

We all have them moments… Them moments we need to work from the outside in, to feel the comfort when there are no arms to hold ya. And mine – both RL and SL comes in the form of a Unicorn Onesie.If I’m having a funky day  mentally or physically in both worlds I am lucky enough to be able to slip into my full body hug in the form of my unicorn onesie. For a few cozy moments I feel utterly fantastic. Luckily no one has to witness me skipping thru my house with my pink tail swooshing but if they did? Oh wow! What a spectacle! Hehe! Its my own little heart hug just for me and I can’t recommend it highly enough.

Here… save up your pennies and purchase.. you will thank me later! hehe!

Click here for RL unicorn joy!

Click here for SL unicorn joy!


What I’m wearing:

Unicorn OnesiePixicat – Whimsical Onesie RARE

HairMoon – Requiem

Clouds from 8f8 one of the most pretty things I own in my inventory and my special little thinking spot all of my up high up in the sky.


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