Solace in Smoke.

Some quiet contemplation, her thoughts lost in the spirals of smoke lifting up and twisting toward the sky. 

Inhale, lungs filled deep with the warm comfort of a long had habit she knows too well, 

The rush, the drug that hits her, intoxicating and succumbing to the numbing. 

The whirr of the fumes filling her mind, nikotine waves she begins to unwind.

The release, with breath long and low, her lips pout, puffs clouds of woe.

Be gone with the burn of the paper, put out with the crunch of the stubbing, she sizzles out with the fizz in the ashtray.

Eyes close, head rolls rack and here it follows, 

The Solace in the Smoke.


What I’m wearing:

Collar & CuffsSinful Sky – Trap Set @ Suicide Dollz January Round

Dress Pixicat – Rare Siren Dress @ The Epiphany

Hair – .Shi.

Cigarette & Holder[kunst] – cigarette and holder

Nosebleed Clemmm. – Group Gift ~ Thank You!

Septum ring – Mons 




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