Stig of the Dump.


As happy as a pig in sh*t! hehe! Welcome to this little stink pit of joy! The Dystopia Dump! We will salvage anything you got that hasnt been washed away. I can fashion you some table ware from hubcaps, a pair of hipster drinking vestibules from a pair of old boots and some gafa tape or even a bed out of a door. You want it, we can make it happen… for a small fee of course. Hehe!

What I’m wearing:

Boots*COCO* – Lace Up Boots & White Socks

Shirt tied at waist.Dirty Stories. – Waist Sweater, Red Tile

Helmet:QyxWerk: – Radio Helmet Battle Shark

RifleDECO – Muffler Rifle

EarringsDECO – Recycled Earrings

NecklaceDECO – Recycled Necklace

Shin Guards & Knee Pad[ht:apparel] – Shinguard Rust

Hair – Tram – D314 hair/creamyellow

Breastplate[Chariot] – Breastplate Diverted

Dungarees – [BU] – ‘Denim Wash’Ladies Dungaree Shorts24188637896_d2d96173ac_o

Song to listen to while leaping about the dump in scruffy scrubby glee! 

We Built The City – Starship



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