Kiss you on the Brain.

I feel super blessed to be sponsored by BLOKC apparel. When my friends were tryin’ to help me enter into a ‘sophisticated’ realm of fashion they first brought me to the BLOKC store. It is the perfect hybrid of quirky and fun pieces but with sleek and on point shapes and cuts. There really is something for everyone in this store. —-> Taxi!

In picture below:

Jumper BLOKC – Shark Jumper

Hair.Olive. – Elisa

GlassesBALACLAVA!! – Kal glasses Tortoiseshell

InhalerNomad – Inhaler

Pillow (Aaron stand-in!) –  Bee.Bu – Human Boyfriend Body Pillow

Ashtray Lost Junction -Tongue Tray from TAG Gacha

‘Now that’s what I call sexy’ sign – TA – Wall decor Sexy

All other furniture~BAZAR~ – Stockholm bedroom set



When you are scrabbling about in search of a hibernation buddy might I recommend ‘*Chris Hemsworth*’ (Insert your own crushes name here ‘*…*’)

Only draw back is, when morning comes he always seems to have wriggled his way into the little spoon position….

In picture below Moll is wearing:

ShirtBLOKC – Boyfriend Shirt, Red Plaid.

Necklace – [tea.s] – Like a Sir

Tattoo – Inhale. – Dear Insanity

Hair .Olive. – Elisa

GlassesBALACLAVA!! – Kal glasses, tortoiseshell.

Knickers – *MUKA* – Boy shorts


Aaron is not wearing much but what he is… 

Hair Burley – Benji Balayage 


Pipe -FLite- Vintage Pipe -chestnut (from the arcade) 

Boxer briefsDUFAUX – TMP brief no1 – sporty – black/blue



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