Pickle in your Burger?


You know them old faves you have had in your inventory a while and you just likes to get them out and look at them? Well one of my penchants is some oversized food furniture from Hi Calo and Mad Pea. Giant burgers, ketchup bottles, sausage rolls and coke floats all with super fun sitting and dangling animations in. Its every food lovers dream to be able to sit and watch a movie and nibble your lounger all at the same time. Sadly I am having trouble tracking down Hi Calo these days. But I shall endeavour to find the creator and badger her to sell her awesome sit-able treats on MP so you all can see what I’m on about.

What I’m wearing:

JumperGATO – Milk

SkirtGATO – Apple Skirt

Hotpants GATO – Omlette

NecklaceXin – Pizza (Group Gift)

Necklace – .:Buttery Toast:. – Buttery

Sunglasses+Half-Deer+ – Summer Delights Melty Sunglasses

Backpack – B.C.C – I love toast Backpack – Ham & Eggs

HairWasabi Pills – Barbara

Pickle in handCONCRETE FLOWERS – Jar of Pickles

Ears[MANDALA] – Steking ears

All food items in the picture are from Hi Calo and the Candy Train is Madpea Candy Choo Choo (one of the best gifts ever received! Thanks Meggles!)IMG_5727


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