Wet Socks.

21898768644_cbda02115b_o (1)

Amongst all this carnage at Dystopia sometimes all you really crave is a fresh pair of socks… Yes I am aware that with how flooded everything thing is here that the chance of them ever drying is impossible but even if its just for a moment, a glorious sweet moment of pulling them out the machine and taking a sniff of their freshly laundered glory… Mhm, heavenly. That’ll do me. Its the little things that make us tick. And clean socks is one of them.

What I am wearing (albeit not much :o):

Hair – Truth – Bronwyn

Bra – a b e r r a n t – Kitty bra (with applier HUD)

Knickers – a b e r r a n t – Magical panty (with applier HUD)

The BEST Socks – Rachel Breaker – LOUsy Sock (with splendid colour change HUD)

Shopping trolley (sat in) – Kalopsia – Trash Talk set

Washing machines, baskets etc – Oyasumi – gacha

Taken in the Launderette @ Carnage City in Dystopia.


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