Saviour of the Soggy Pussies.


Over at Dystopia, Flit and I have started a major re-shuffle of all that has washed up in our watery world. Since we acquired the final piece of our sim pie, she wanted to rejig things so we had a cohesive flow to it all, rather than adding little bits as we invaded more and more land. So, as she started to demolish with the wrecking ball and crane in buildings from our inventories I set about collecting all the little lost and slightly soggy pussy cats who were all floating strayly around the sim. Poor lil’ moggies. Come to mama.

I am wearing:

HatIntrigue – Flamingo

HairMons – Half Bun

Top & Shorts::{u.f.o}:: – Girlish Rash Guard Shark

Air TankSoy. – My Lung airtank

FlippersGDT – Sescend Dive System

All da kitty kats from Fashionably Dead gacha.

Tune ~ Love Cats by the Cure


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