Red sky at night, Murders delight.

Red sky at night. Murders delight.

I braved the night and went hunting for the first time on a MadPea adventure, Peatonville Asylum. And me, oh my! What an incredible show they put on. The efforts from all designers to make the shards fun to find, the sim the asylum and port sit on so beautifully atmospheric and the community of MadPeas that are there to support and enlighten you along the way are second to none. I take my newly scored hat off to them for organising such a smooth operation. And, what a lovely bunch of swag I collected too for merely making it out alive! Amongst which are some perfect new additions for the Medical Unit we are installing at Dystopia.

I am wearing:

Tattoo – Chocolate Atelier – (MadPea prize)

Mask – Chimeric – Asylum mask (MadPea Prize)

Hat – Gabriel – Military Cap (MadPea Prize)

Nipple pasties a b e r r a n t – Bandaid Pasties

Hand wrapsClemmm – Bandaged Hands

EarringsDeco. – Recycled Earrings

Hair – Spellbound

Axe (over shoulder) – Remarkable Oblivion – Bloody Axe (Group gift)

In the scene:

Murder kit (on floor) MadPea – (@ The Mens Dept. October.)

Photo taken at Dystopia // Carnage City 


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